About us

Centre for Mental Health Care Development is a non-government non-profit organization was established in 1995 by a group of Czech mental health care providers. As a result of the national legislation changes, its status changed from an interest group of legal entities into an association in 2014.


Our mission is to initiate and implement changes leading to the transfer of mental health care into community, to increased respect for people with mental health problems, and to professional as well as accessible mental health care services. 

We work towards

  • peer support
People with the lived experience of mental illness can make use of their experience in helping others. In the United States the projects of peer support started as early as thirty years ago. We firmly believe that this is how the attitudes of social workers, nurses and physicians can be nurtured, and hope can be given to mental health care consumers as well as their relatives and friends.
Several years ago we started the first project to integrate ten peer specialists into the mental health care services. At present we are extending this practice into another four organizations in Prague. For more click here. We also provide continuous education for the peer specialists already involved in community services. For more click here.
We have also succeeded in supporting a group of people with lived experience of mental illness to be able to lecture for future social workers and psychologists at university level. 
People with the lived experience are also part of the extended team of consultants at the www.stopstigma.cz counselling centre.
  • conceptual and methodological work in mental health care field
We have coordinated creation of the professional standards of care for the Centres for Mental Health which are to become a key element in the transformation of Czech mental health care. 
  • importing innovation
We find inspiration for introducing new elements into our system of care and education chiefly in the Netherlands, Finland, United Kingdom, Norway, and United States. Our efforts towards bringing knowledge and experience from abroad into the Czech system is integral to nearly everything we do. We have created an education programme to work with people with a dual diagnosis. We strive for extension of the FACT case management model into community services. We systematically support involvement of people with the lived experience of mental illness into community teams and university education.
  • pilot projects – creating models of care
In collaboration with the Karlovy Vary regional authority and Fokus Mladá Boleslav, one of our partner organization, we have helped create a network of community services in West Bohemia.  
  • education programmes
We put together and provide high quality courses for mental health care professionals. Read more about our Educational Institute
  • fighting stereotypes
In 2005 we launched a web portal project aimed at destigmatization. It comprises clearly structured and presented information and unique internet counselling centre, as well as room to share stories of lived experience with mental health illness and recovery. Read more about this project here.

Centre bodies

General Meeting members:

  • Asociace denních stacionářů a krizových center s psychoterapeutickou péčí – ADSK (Association of day centres and crisis centres with psychoterapeutic care)
  • Asociace komunitních služeb v oblasti péče o duševní zdraví (Association of mental health care community services)
  • Česká společnost pro duševní zdraví (Czech society for mental health)
  • Český institut pro supervizi – ČIS (Czech institute for supervision)
  • Fokus - Sdružení pro péči o duševně nemocné (Fokus – Association for mental health care)
  • Občanské sdružení Kolumbus (Kolumbus citizens’ association)
  • Sananim, z. ú.
Board members:
  • PhDr. Václava Probstová, CSc.
  • MUDr. Jana Žmolíková
  • MUDr. Ondřej Pěč

annual reports

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