Centre for Mental Health Care Development is a non-governmental non-profit organization which has been for two decades working towards destigmatization and development of community care, taking part in preparation of mental health care reform in the Czech Republic, and undertaking innovative projects in collaboration with international and domestic partners alike. To find out more about our activities, click here.


12.07.2017 Annual report 2016
We prepare Annual report 2016 in Czech and English.
01.09.2016 Annual report 2015
We dare to point out that our Annual report 2015 was published.
01.09.2016 Short article in international network Promise.global Project 52
We released short article about one of our innovations. PROMISE.global agreed to publish some of our experiences with involvement of peer specialists into internet consultancy service Stopstigma.cz in framework of  PROJECT 52 which aims to capture and collate ideas and innovations at the frontline and learn from each others successes and struggles.
10.09.2015 Centre to help in Moldova
In partnership with the NGOs People in Need, Centre for Transformation Support and Keystone Human Services Moldova, the Centre for Mental Health Care Development has won a public tender issued by the Czech Development Agency to support transformation in Moldova. 
31.08.2015 Opening WRAP® course for peer counsellors at Stopstigma.cz
On 27th and 28th August the opening training course in formulating WRAP® (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) was held for the peer counsellors involved in the project called ‘Creation of online multidisciplinary counselling centre and destigmatization web platform’. 
03.07.2015 Centre presenting in the Third European Congress on Assertive Outreach
The representatives of the Centre for the Mental Health Care development took part in the rich programme of the Third European Congress on Assertive Outreach in Oslo from 24th to 26th June.
30.06.2015 Centre presenting in CARe Europe conference in Prague
On 17th and 18th May 2015 Prague hosted the Third CARe Europe conference (thecareeurope.com). CARe is a European network promoting recovery and social integration. It associates mental health care organizations in 17 countries of Europe. 
18.05.2015 Article on peer involvement in the Czech Republic in the latest WARP Bulletin
An article on peer programmes in the Czech Republic by Pavel Říčan, Zuzana Foitová and Jan Stuchlík has been published in the latest issue of the WAPR (World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation) Bulletin (p. 25f).