Let´s Talk about Children


February 1, 2023 - January 31, 2026
Project team: Barbora Holá (coordinator), Michael Kostka (expert and supervisor), Pavel Říčan (evaluation and dissemination)

The three-year European project funded by the EU4Health programme will focus on training mental health professionals in the Let's Talk about Children (LTC) method and its integration into practice in the Czech Republic and eight other European countries.

Sources of information:
- Webpage of the project: Let’s Talk about Children (utu.fi)
- Facebook of the LTC project
- Recording from the kick-off meeting, where the Let's Talk about Children method was presented by its author Tytti Solantaus and lecturer Miia Äänismaa and where experiences from working with families and supporting children growing up in a family with a parent with mental illness in the Czech environment were presented by Mgr. Jan Kulhánek and MUDr. Jan Lorenc as well as personal experience of peer worker Lucie Smutná Škrabáková.

Partner organisations in Czech Republic:
Fokus Karlovarský kraj
Fokus Mladá Boleslav
Péče o duševní zdraví
Práh jižní Morava
Psychiatrická nemocnice v Opavě

The training in the Let's Talk about Children method, which included practical use of the method in work with clients under the supervision of a Finnish lecturer, will be completed in February 2024. We will share the latest information about the project and the first experience of working with the method in the Czech environment during a round table meeting, which will take place in person and online on 29 February 2024 from 15.30 to 17.00. The round table will be held in Czech. More information in the invitation and also in the short video.

Twelve of the trainees will follow up with further training so that they can train other colleagues in the LTC method as trainers.

Older events from the project:
2.pngOn June 2, 2023, we started training in Let´s Talk about Children at the Scout Institute in Prague for a group of the first twenty workers from partner organizations. The training includes an introduction to the intervention itself and its tools, including practical exercises, as well as its use in working with clients and then sharing first experiences and questions in supervision sessions. The first training day was led by the author of LTC Tytti Solantaus and Mia Äänismaa, a trainer and educator who use LTC with families of her students.
Pozvanka-konference-LTC_01062023_ENG_foto.pngOn Children's Day, 1 June 2023, an kick-off meeting was held in the Small Hall of the Municipal Library in Prague, introducing the Let's Talk about Children and offering experiences from working with and supporting children growing up in a family with a parent with mental illness in the Czech environment, including sharing personal experiences. For more information on topics and speakers, please see the invitation and the programme.

The conference can be viewed from a video posted on YouTube.