Supporting people with mental health issues as they return from hospitalisation back into the community

Title of the project: 
Education and empowerment for transition to community
April 2022 - June 2023


The project was supported by the programme Erasmus+.

Project manager: Barbora Holá
Expert trainers team: Magda Dosbabová, Václav Jílek, Jana Pluhaříková Pomajzlová, Tibor Sedlický

The project is international and is implemented in cooperation with foreign partners:
Well-Being and Recovery College (Estonia)
Association for Psychosocial Support Susret (Croatia)

Objective: Strengthening the core competencies of people with mental health issues prior to discharge from a psychiatric ward or hospital to support their recovery and return to the community through a developed training module.

Outputs and materials:

Back to the future: video about the training module and the experience of the pilot training

Training programme to support key competences of people with mental health issues before the discharge from psychiatric ward/hospital or long-term residential facility with the aim to support their recovery: 1.1 Recovery: What is recovery and what does it mean to me personally 
1.2 Recovery: How can I support my recovery during hospitalization
1.3 Recovery: How to recognise what do I need and what helps me
1.4 Recovery: What are my strengths and how to build my own self-esteem
2.1 Communication: Body language and how to understand other people's behaviour
2.2 Communication: What helps mutual understanding and how to prevent conflicts
2.3 Communication: How to talk about myself and what to tell others
2.4 Communication: How and with whom to talk about my illness
3.1 Safety: What home means to me
3.2 Safety: My safe place
3.3 Safety: What is good for my body and soul
3.4 Safety: My support network
  • Teaching materials:
1.1 Recovery: Recovery cards (exercise)
1.2 Recovery: Places in hospital (exercise) Note: Good to make original photos from the place where you will implement the training!
1.3 Recovery: Cards of needs (exercise)
2.4 Communication: Motivational cards (exercise)
3.1 Safety: Map for the meaning of safety at home (exercise)

Evaluation of the training program:
Evaluation report from the pilot training 
(written material)
Evaluation report from the pilot training (video with presentation)

For materials and presentations from the final conference see below.

Description of the project:
  • Creation of the training module based on the principles of Recovery College and CARe model
Experts from all three partner organisations were involved in the development of the training module. Each team included trainers with their own experience of illness and recovery. The training module focuses on three core themes (recovery, communication, safety and returning home) which are further developed into twelve individual sessions. The emphasis is on the practical application of the knowledge, concrete tools and experiences gained during the training for participant's own recovery and return to regular life after hospitalisation.
April - August 2022
  • Pilot training in cooperation with psychiatric hospital
The pilot training took place in collaboration with a specific psychiatric hospital in all three partner countries.
Septembre 2022 - January 2023
  • Evaluation, training module update and video creation
Based on feedback from participants, including psychiatric hospital staff and trainers, the pilot training was evaluated and the experience gained has been used to adapt and update the training module. At the same time, a short video was produced to serve as a trailer for the training module and to introduce its content, teaching methods and benefits for the participants.
February - May 2023
  • Final conference: Back to the future
The conference took place on 15 June 2023 in Zagreb and was also streamed online. The training module (materials, video) and the experience gained from the pilot training were presented and shared.
June 2023

Materials and presentations from the conference: