Support of the FACT model


The Summary FACT Assessment Report
FACT (Flexible Assertive Community Treatment) is an organizational model of community care for people with severe mental health problem developed during last years in Holland. It combines individual case management for clients with lower need for care and support with so-called assertive community treatment (ACT) provided in team manner (by multidisciplinary teams involving health professionals and social workers and other professionals)  to clients in crisis or with a high need for support.

Project Support of FACT model in the Czech Republic is aimed to introduce and spread this model within the providers of mental health care outside of Prague and help them to get closer to the model which shall lead to improvement of quality of services provided by 26 teams involved in the project.
In the framework of the project there will be also trained 12 persons in making the evaluation using the FACT fidelity scale tool which helps them to identify the gaps and the development potential in the organizational model of evaluated teams. Based on the result of evaluation, the teams will prepare a development plan where they will describe the points they will focus on during their way on getting closer to the FACT model and improvement their services.

Project offers to the involved teams several activities as conferences with different topics related to the FACT model during which they can share their experience, ask questions and together looking for the solutions, provision of consultancy etc.

Support and accompaniment of Dutch experts is an inseparable part of the project. Cooperation with organizations providing certification for teams in Holland and providing the trainings enables the Czech evaluators to be well familiarized with methodology of making the evaluation, the experts will ensure the couching during the first evaluations in the Czech Republic.